Marketing Strategy and Planning

Rejuvenate Marketing is a marketing and business services company focused on marketing strategy consulting, program and project management, product positioning, brand identity and awareness, messaging and content development.

Specializing in looking at markets in new and innovative ways with an acute understanding of brand, positioning products and launching strategies, Rejuvenate Marketing can help your business target new markets and new customers to expand your market segment share. We know how to deliver business value messaging that translates into meaningful positioning to customers that buy your products:(concept>product>business value). 

Start Up to Enterprise

Benefit from broad experience driving industry transformation through adoption of new technologies and products globally.

Consultative Approach

Engage as an extension of your team to deeply understand business culture, vision and goals.

Intellect. Integrity. Inspiration. Impact.

Business to Business Experience

Worked with and partnered with brands driving change in software, hardware, consulting, devices, manufacturing and non-profit in a variety of industries. 

Strategic Impact


Understanding your business, working to build a marketing plan and strategy that delivers results.

Content Development

Crafting the story that your organization tells with the right mix of deliverables.


Work with external and internal partners to jointly go to market.

Messaging and Positioning

Develop a message and position in the market that defines and supports your brand.


Internal and external strategies for the ongoing conversation about your business.

Product Marketing and Launches

Serve as the intermediary between product development, branding and promotion.

Project Management

Campaigns and Programs


Social Media


Public Relations & Creative Agency






Digital Strategy