Jennifer Marie Pelfini

I develop and implement business and marketing strategies that result in driving revenue through branding development and awareness, marketing campaigns, strategic relationships and social media. I make smart assumptions on market trends, leading industry transformation through adoption of new technologies and products. I understand how to connect with audiences to deliver stories about experiences that matter. With a fresh perspective, I will help your business target new opportunities to grow your market. I’m savvy in boardroom preparation to investor pitching, leveraging my Fortune 100, SMB, and entrepreneurship experience. I focus on understanding your business and will partner with you to produce results.

I am customer focused and data driven. 

My expertise includes:

  • Marketing strategy to tactical execution to build a strong foundation of a brand/company position
  • “Thought leadership” positioning and branding through developing content that delivers business value
  • Proven experience implementing processes that drive marketing to sales conversion

Education: MBA, BS degrees

Masters of Business Administration: Arizona State University, W.P. Carey School of Business

Bachelors of Science: Eastern Michigan University

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My creative side is happy in the kitchen.



My track record of delivering results.



My passion for my family inspired our brand.