Stories of Rejuvenation

Need a better idea of what I do and how I work? I believe that story telling is what good marketing is all about. Below are some quick stories on how I’ve worked with clients and employers to drive change that makes an impact.

Igniting possible.Bramasol - new brand
Revitalizing SAP’s first reseller, I was brought on as a consultant for a brand refresh resulting from a company merger of an acquisition in India and then signed on reporting to the CEO after successfully launching the brand. In less than 6 months, I launched a new website, introducing global positioning and thought leadership content. Developed marketing relationship with SAP to result in trusted relationship, inclusion in programs, funding and increased awareness of company focus and capabilities for improved sales engagement.

Harvard Business Review influences sales. intel
Working with Intel, SAS and Tom Davenport, an industry-thought leader on business decision analytics, this comprehensive campaign resulted in influencing the C-suite on enterprise business intelligence as a technology strategy with the achieved goal of publication in Harvard Business Review. At the same, time a comprehensive demand generation campaign targeted the IT decision-maker. Success was tied to $64M in Intel revenue and 114 design wins worldwide of the Itanium processor.

Getting LANAP on the map.  mdt
$15M dental company MDT struggled for years with both credibility and visibility. I lead the marketing strategy resulting in securing speaking engagements, PR awareness that drove patients to request LANAP, and cut costs by determining ROI on over 150 events impacting event revenue by 25%. For the first time in 12 year company history, sales were up 30% YOY.

More than just an 800 number. gosolo
Working alongside the turn-around executive team for GoSolo, I was brought in as a consultant to differentiate their 10-year strategy of being an 800-number dealer. Working with the field and their biggest client Primerica, subscriptions increased from 12K to 95K in 1 year tripling revenue. Social media and awareness campaigns were introduced as the core strategy to stop the churn, new messaging, website and new products were introduced and packaged competitively priced to meet market needs.

Engaging with social to burn the churn. lyris
In my first seven months, with no staff, I expanded Lyris, an email marketing laggard, press coverage by 100%, grew social media community over 50% and secured several new speaking opportunities for executives.  I developed press releases, content and quotes, which included marquee customers, to infuse the customer success story program with proof points to drive sales and decrease the industry’s highest churn rate.