You have business challenges- we have solutions for you in these areas of knowledge and more. As we dig deeper into your business, we’ll discover together what your needs truly are. Here are some of the solutions we can work on together:

  • Content development (from a blank sheet of paper)
  • Blogging and social media (examples of my brands: First Dares, Jenn Marie Cuisine, JaM -my wedding website- and my business TW, YT, FB and LI)
  • Marketing campaign development and project management
  • Develop and direct PR and social media campaigns that inform, create awareness and accelerate sales cycles to drive revenue
  • Demand generation
  • Product and company branding and strategy
  • Market research and trends analysis
  • Web site brand/image analysis and development
  • Launch planning
  • Product marketing
  • Business Plan development (working with entrepreneurs)
  • Strategy analysis
  • Personal brand development
  • Executive communications and strategy
  • Corporate communications and strategy
  • Resume development (your best marketing tool)