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Structure in Consulting- Why Everybody’s Going Freelance

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Whether they’re getting forced out of their jobs or freeing themselves from their organizations, 17 million Americans are going solo. Here’s what that…

Cookjmc‘s insight:

Now trending… I can’t tell you how many conversations I’ve had with amazingly talented people that are all trying to figure out how to do this successfully. It takes passion, faith, tough skin, inspiration, motivation, negotiation, organization and so much more to work for yourself. But when you do there’s no better feeling when you start cashing your own checks. I started when I was first laid off in 2006 when my first client, Halliburton, only worked with MBO partners (mentioned in this article). Gave me my first taste of independent structure. There are many great companies out there that now afford this model. MBO in particular provides all kinds of assets and training to help you become successful in running your business so you can focus on doing business.

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