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Glide makes you feel good.

having a laugh with the staffWhen you get busy in life, you often don’t have to time to do the things you are passionate for. Like for example volunteering. Making time is often challenging. But it’s something I’m passionate for and enjoy. As such, I’ve made the commitment to myself to get out there and get involved in my community that I love, San Francisco. Make the time.

My mother was and still is an amazing volunteer. I watched her collect door to door for causes as a child, take care of the handicapped as a volunteer in the schools and she has supported just about every walk, or cause that I can think of including hospice service and taking care of the elderly as they share their final years, thoughts and moments with her. She inspires me to become a better person.

Hunger is my thing. I worked with a southern California client @meals4hunger and helped to establish their initial message, brand and strategy. Working on that project was an eye-opening experience. I learned more than I ever thought there was to know about hunger – locally. So when I have the chance to choose where I spend my time volunteering, it’s hunger. Two organizations I have volunteered with in the city are quite amazing and if you don’t  know about them, you should.

The San Francisco Food Bank affords an experience of actually accomplishing a task and understanding your impact on the community. The Food Bank is pretty much run by volunteers most of the time. Projects include sorting cans, bagging and packaging food- like a mini-assembly line. It is super productive and they have it down.

Glide isn’t just a place to celebrate and worship. It teaches volunteers compassion. Because Glide’s outreach is both direct and kind. When you go to Glide the work you do contributes to a bigger thing. Like mixing salad together that will be served for dinner, or chopping carrots, cabbage, or shredding cheese for hamburger night. Or maybe making those sandwiches and filling the bags that they pass out every single day. What you do at Glide makes a difference, immediately. You touch the community you live in. And in some way, embrace strangers with love.

Today I brought a friend in with me at Glide was reminded why it’s so good to go there. It’s fun to bring new people into the experience. Glide does so many amazing things for this city. The people at Glide are special, because they care. They treat those that come to them for help with respect, honor and dignity. You get to know the employees there and there is this sense of camaraderie when you are there with them in the kitchen- sharing a a laugh, a personal story or just quietly working side by side. Glide feeds so many struggling people in this city. Having ongoing compassion when you are walking down the street and see so many homeless folks everyday, is not easy, and unfortunately you often get immune to it.

Going to Glide keeps it real and reminds me how fortunate my life is- because connections and feeling connected matters outside of the digital world we live in. Glide makes me smile.

If you are looking to make impact on the community, Glide and the Food Bank are a good way to go. Their impact is felt locally and they make a difference in people’s lives, every single day.  And yeah, they make you feel good and remind you of how to be a compassionate person in this crazy lovely city that we live in and enjoy.

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