It’s time to rethink. refresh. renew.

Rejuvenate Marketing makes an impact on your company-quickly. Established in 2006, marketing expert and owner,  Jennifer Pelfini, has 25 years of experience in developing and executing business and marketing strategy,  program and project management, product positioning, communications, brand identity and awareness, messaging and content development.

Specializing in looking at markets in new and innovative ways with an acute understanding of brand, positioning products and launching strategies, Rejuvenate Marketing helps your business target new markets and new customers to expand your market segment share. We know how to deliver business value messaging that translates into meaningful positioning to customers that buy your products: concept > product > business value.

Working with you we quickly plan, define and execute, so you can expect projects to be completed efficiently and faster than if you had to staff and train a new hire- without sacrificing quality. We understand your business and care about what you are trying to achieve and deliver results.

Expansive vertical market knowledge.

  • Technology: hardware and software, communications, IT services- experienced with the top technology brands and technologies (big data, cloud, mobility, transformational technologies)
  • Consumer: lifestyle and online commerce
  • Healthcare and dental/medical device
  • Non-profit and associations
  • Industrial machinery and equipment
  • Energy: oil and gas

Strategy for new business and growth.

  • Rethink your strategy and target new customers
  • Refresh your look and create buzz about your products
  • Create a marketing plan and strategy
  • Develop new content, simplify your messaging
  • Renew your brand
  • Reposition your product
  • Identify and target a new market