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Insight from Netflix on Changing the Game

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Just when Hollywood thought it had Netflix figured out, that red envelope company flipped the script, creating a playbook for any business that…


Cookjmc‘s insight:

I wouldn’t say I grew up in the era, but I kinda did moving here with fresh and naive eyes in 1999 from Florida. Raised in Ohio, I couldn’t grasp the idea of bonus, stock options or the fuzzy math around me. I watched in amazement and doubt while companies like Netflix and Google were literally born in front of my eyes and often did not understand their direction when friends would flock to them and leave companies that were seemingly solid like, where I worked, at Intel.

Netflix in particular fascinates, as it crushed Blockbuster, an American iconic brand for a long time unchallenged in our homes as the reining winner in all things tv watchable. Then after years of growing success, Netflix plateaued and  seemingly plummeted into failure, when the DVD model was challenged and digital download became the new route to the users experience (tv or computer). Reinventing itself once again, proving that taking risks, knowing your competitors and opportunities, and being brave, can drive incredible results, Netflix is stronger than ever with the unprecedented release of House of Cards committing to a $100M investment for 2 seasons without a pilot, breaking the mold of Hollywood formulaic success. Best quote here is, “If you want to disrupt an industry, you’ve ultimately got to beat it at it’s own game. Reading this article it inspired me to think about the biggest reason many of us migrated to the silicon valley, to change the game to be a part of the technology revolution. One industry at a time. But I’ve come to learn and appreciate that It’s not always about the technology, it’s about how the technology is a strategic opportunity to transform what we know to be our current status quo.

This is a great article full of insight and tidbits that can help you think about how to change the game you are in.

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