Ladies Find a Mentor, Become a Mentor

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Everyone is talking about them but no one seems to know how to snag a good one

Cookjmc‘s insight:

I’ve been very fortunate in my career to have adopted or rather been adopted by several mentors along the way. I think probably the  most important criteria is that they believe in you, unconditionally, and that their advice provides a framework for not only support, but for you to be able to make a good decision based on their feedback, while reflecting your values and views. As a mentor to another you can share what you’ve learned along the way, to someone that can benefit from that information. Especially as women, we have often learned in business via trial and error, often adopting men as as our mentors. This is wonderful as you can learn so much about business through the eyes of men. As you progress in your career, finding a female mentor or becoming a female mentor, can provide incredible impact in a career of another female.


Female mentors are not always easy to find. But when you do find one, it will be invaluable to you. A female mentor because likely she’s been mentored by many men along the way, can also provide you with a fair perspective in business from both viewpoints. Personally, I have spent my career often being the only woman in the room. Let’s be honest. Being the only woman in the room can be lonely. Having a female mentor that understands how that feels provides you with support, professionally and emotionally. I’ve never been afraid to be the only woman in the room, but now my perspective is more like, how do I get more woman to be in the room? That’s the value a mentor brings. A mentor will help you address your fears, accept your potential and ensure you own it. When you have a good mentor, you can’t help but want to be one yourself and pay it forward. I believe that if we LeanIn and support one another, great things will result.

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