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Superbowl Social Media Scoreboard and #stopshowingsuperbowlcommercials

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Wondering what drove the most social chatter during the Super Bowl? The game itself certainly wasn’t suspenseful, but social media was still full of com…

Cookjmc‘s insight:

The total scoop on the superbowl. Admittedly I FB’d more than tweeted on the "yawn" game. But the biggest disappointment is that advertisers are opting to launch their ads pre-game, which I think has lessened engagement during the game- there’s no surprise with the ads (or relatively very few of them). While I understand the strategy of viral marketing and support it, I question whether the results would be more impactful socially to share after keeping the ads for the game then viralizing them after and promoting them. Not always a good thing to leak everything. Didn’t apple and beyonce (recently) teach us that? 

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