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Are You Really Thinking Mobile First for your Website and Beyond?

Scooped by Cookjmc!
Cookjmc’s insight:

Excellent article and compelling data points, that less than 20% of transactions are forecasted to happen over the desktop. I don’t think the desktop is going away anytime soon, however as the younger generation and mobile phones are more prevalent in everyday business transactions, not designing for mobile first, makes no sense. I had a client last year in working with an agency that had not considered this. Quickly early on in the role, I pushed the imperative of introducing a website mobile first, or rather designed for mobile with mobile reflexive technology making the website responsive to mobile. I would not introduce any website without consideration for mobile first, it simply does not make sense anymore. The word mobile, used to a scary for marketers, what do we do, how do we monetize it, what should we measure? Mobile, like social, is just another strategy/tactic that needs to be implemented. We need to think mobile first, from the start in everything we do.

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