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Great Advice on How to Use Linked In to Not Just Look For a Job

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Skip ahead a few grades in LinkedIn marketing class with these 27 tips to supercharge your personal brand and drastically increase online lead generation.


Cookjmc‘s insight:

Wow this article was perfect timing as Friday I was on the phone with a college friend (we reconnected thanks to Facebook) and I was sharing with him just how powerful LinkedIn can be to grow and expand your business. Whether a new business or your current business, this is a tool that is so underutilized. LI is not just for job searching, though truth be told this a great way to keep your network fresh and keep your eye out. But for entrepreneurial minds, this is the place to go to build your business, look for people to engage with and share your thought leadership/expertise and knowledge in a fairly unobtrusive way. Remember don’t sell- educate and share. Try it and see. Don’t be afraid to connect. You never know who could be your next client, customer, or hire in your new business or established business.

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