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Viewpoint: Marketers, Welcome to the World of Disappearing Media- So Keep Practicing the Basics

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take a page from snapchat: marketers need to value their work so highly that they will expect consumers to remember and share it — before it vanishes.

Cookjmc‘s insight:

So where are the teens on Facebook going? Snapchat is one of their hideouts. And for marketers this presents another challenge that brings us back to our original conundrum- how do you reach effectively and have impact in a channel that vanishes? For one – every message you deliver must have value. In that market I believe that less is more. Compelling calls to action. The usual stuff we should be practicing that often rules don’t apply for when we have so many channels to get our message out in- social, video, digital and print to name a few. The key here is that new apps, technologies, are always going to challenge delivery. But nothing should should change the basic marketing 101 practices. It’s all about your message and how you deliver compelling content that drives action. In a fleeting vanishing second or for eternity.

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