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Viewpoint Article: Who is Going to Teach New Marketers What They Think They Already Know?

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Looks like based on this data there is a strong market opportunity to educate digitally on marketing across channels. The only real way you effectively learn marketing is practical application. As leaders we have a call to continue to evolve our own skills (yes that means tactical too and new tools), and share knowledge with younger, green marketers. However the younger marketers need to realize that truly learning marketing takes time, years to build a solid foundation. You aren’t going to get there overnite- entitlement dosen’t get you anywhere except in the wrong job or disappointed. Take the time to learn, find a mentor that can wants to teach you. College marketing won’t teach you what working in a business will and with the right mentor you can get where you want to go faster.

Digital Marketing Talent Study: Skills Are Inflated And Talent Is Slim

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